Penguin Knit Hats and Mittens

Like the saying goes, when it rains it pours and this holiday season at Penguin Place it seems that when it comes to knit penguin pilot hats and mittens, it’s a monsoon.  After selling out of our original Knitwits penguin pilot hat, we scoured the world for new sources of these popular, cool cold weather penguin accessories, and we’re happy to report that we now have two different styles of knit penguin pilot hats and three, that’s right, three different styles of wool knit penguin mittens. The Penguin Chicks pilot hat and two of the mittens are from the good folks at Knitwits, and the Chilly hat and mittens are from a local company.  They’re all made in Nepal (probably in the same workshop), all use New Zealand wool (probably from the same sheep), and they’re all adorable and warm.  Just what everyone wants for the holidays!


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  1. Berny Says:

    This is such a wonderful website…it is so full of wonderful things to knie

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