Penguins Come and Penguins Go

As usual around this time of the year at Penguin Place the penguins come and the penguins go, and why shouldn’t they with almost 850 different penguin items.  Of course it goes without saying that items in our P-Bay section come and go more frequently, as they’re usually one of a kind, unique items.  This week alone was a P-Bay record as we’ve lost about 40 different vintage penguins.  This week in our regular catalog we’ve added sterling silver Kabana penguin couple earrings and pendants, Adelie Silk Ties, Holiday Socks, Toe Socks, Chocolate Penguins, Penguin Playing Cards, Stockings, Baby Booties and Ornaments.   But, during the same time we’ve sold out of three different Ornaments, Penguin Crossing Signs, Stockings, Earrings, Penguin Chick Slippers (in small), Holiday Kitchen Towels, Penguin Grow-a-Heads, Penguin Pilot Hats, Kids Scarfs, Rockhopper Plush and Rockhopper Magnets.  That’s life during the busy holiday season at Penguin Place.  The penguins come and the penguins go.


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