Penguin Mimobot Flashdrives All The Rave

Each  Summer at the N.Y. Gift Show there’s always some new fangled penguin doodad  that knocks my socks off and this time was no exception.  What turned my head this year was some very cool looking penguin themed memory flashdrives that are part of the Sanrio 50th anniversary collection featuring two of my all time favorite penguin characters, the lovable Tuxedo Sam (left) and the moody Bad Badtz Maru (right).   The Mimobots as they’re called were available in 2, 4 and 8GB, but we split it down the middle and decided on just the cool Bad Badtz & Tuxedo Sam 4GB flash memory drives for Penguin Place.  They are high speed USB  Mac/PC compatible and two and  half inches tall by one inch wide. The unique MimoByte  sound software randomly  plays character-specific sounds and voices  every time MIMOBOT is  inserted or ejected from your computer!.  This year  MIMBOT Mimoco have  joined forces with Sanrio to help celebrate their 50th anniversary!   Packed in a little pink box, this is a small gift that will surely bring a big smile.


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