Did Someone Say Chilly Willy Knit Hat?!

It may be the middle of December, and we’re all waddling around in fast motion trying to get our orders out our Penguin Place Igloo door, but that doesn’t seem to deter us from continuing to bring in a steady stream of new penguin goodies.  Perhaps we should be sent on a boat to an Antarctic asylum for insane penguin lovers, as this week alone we’ve brought in Penguin Nesting Dolls, Christmas Stockings, Ornaments,  Penguin Umbrella, Knit Penguin Pilot Hats in adults and kids sizes, Boxed Cards,  Pill Boxes, a Penguin Clarinet Player, an Eye Glass Holder, a new Penguin Zibby Plush, a Birthday Penguin Figurine, and even a Penguin Plush Floggle (don’t ask).  That’s 13 new penguin items!  But of course we’ve saved the best for last, as today marked the arrival of my personal favorite item on 2010!   Something I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid.  Something I only dreamed about, but never thought I’d live to see it.  A super cool, knit Chilly Willy Winter Hat, and if you ask my humble opinion, they couldn’t have done a better job as it’s  one of the cutest pieces of penguin apparel ever to be stuck in the gravitational pull of our planet.  Obviously, I’m partial to Chilly Willy.  But, I pity the fool who isn’t.  What’s also very cool about this hat is it’s not wool, but acrylic, and this being 2010, this is not your mom’s acrylic.  Plain and simple, this looks and feels like a knit hat, but it gently stretches and will fit just about anyone just fine.  From my 7 year old daughter to my big headed 75 year old dad (now if I can get a picture with him wearing it that would be something).  Take my word for it.  It’ll fit just about anyone and raise the cute factor on anyone wearing by 75%.

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