LaLa The Japanese Penguin

O.K. I’ve written about La La the Japanese domesticated King Penguin more than once over the past 10 years in this blog and the Penguin Post (print and on-line), but given that it’s the holiday season, and it’s one of my favorite domesticated Japanese King Penguin stories of all time, I simply couldn’t help myself to mention LaLa again.  You just can’t talk about La La enough.   If you’ve seen this before, watch it again and enjoy.  But, if you’ve never seen this call in your friends and relatives and prepare to smile big time.  Happy Holidays from LaLa.


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3 Responses to “LaLa The Japanese Penguin”

  1. Arlene Pfeil Says:

    Is LaLa OK??????

    • Eric Bennett Says:

      Found out that Lala lives in southern Japan, hundreds of miles from the trouble and probably has not a clue what’s going on, unless she has CNN in her little air conditioned room.

  2. rachele Says:

    As much as my sympathy and concern go out to the people of Japan after the devastation of the recent earthquake and tsunami hat devastated parts of that country, I cannot help but think of precious LaLa. I really hope that LaLa and his adoptive family –and his beloved fish store– are OK–seriously, I’ve been thinking about this adorable little guy and praying for his welfare. He’s already endured injuries and being separated from his homeland and his fellow penguins. I’d love to see a followup on his story following th tragic devastation in Japan. LaLa, I’m thinking about you buddy, and i sincerely hope you and your adoptive family are OK. I hope and pray that LaLa and those in his new life are alive and well.

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