Penguin Wallpaper Border Nears Extinction

Lots of our penguins have sadly bitten the dust at Penguin Place this holiday season. That’s simply the nature of the penguin beast.  We were offering nearly 800 different penguin items, and some of them will sell out and not return, either because we need to make room for new items or the manufacturer / distributer has discontinued them.  But, every once in a while a penguin comes along that’s so cool, and so unique that when the manufacturer tells us they’re not going to offer it anymore, we say how many do we have to order for you to change your mind.   That was the case with our penguin wallpaper border way back in the year 1999 when we asked that question to the owner of the wallpaper factory in Ohio a dozen years ago.  His answer was a staggering 5,000 rolls!   We said 2,000, they said 4,000 and of course we settled  on 3,000 rolls of penguin border.   When the 30 boxes arrived, (do you have any idea how heavy a box of 100 rolls of penguin wallpaper border is? ) it seemed as if we’d never run out, but a dozen years later we’re sadly down to our last two rolls.  Lot’s has changed since 1999, but most importantly for lovers of classic penguin wallpaper border, the wallpaper factory in Ohio is no more, and with them so goes the border.   So, it looks like after these last two prized rolls are gone, it’ll be the end of an era.  RIP, Penguin Border.  We’ll miss you.



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