Baby Penguin Waddles Into Lions Den!

Holy cow! Er, Holy Baby Penguin in a lions den!  The Penguin Post has learned that a curious baby penguin (known at the time simply as number 459) waddled out of her enclosure and through a den of sleeping lions at the Münster Zoo in Germany, as she took herself on a solo tour of the of the zoo on Wednesday. After eluding her keepers, a startled zoo visitor spotted the penguin blissfully strolling up and down the ice-covered moat alongside the enclosure and alerted authorities, who spent the rest of day trying to lure her out of the den without waking up the sleeping lions.  Success came when keepers eventually came up with the idea of tempting her with herring. “Luckily the family of lions didn’t pose a threat because they were dozing in the warmth of their house,” the zoo said in a statement. The Penguin Post reports that the penguins keeper gave her a name after the incident, she is known as ‘Leona’ now.

Our own Rose re-enacts the baby penguin escape from her enclosure.


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