Penguin Place Flat Rate Shipping Waddles Away

We tried.  We really tried to have a simple, customer friendly flat rate Penguin Place shipping rate, but alas our four month experiment of $5.00 Flat Rate U.S. ground shipping for any and all orders is about to end.  Don’t blame us, blame the Post Office and UPS for their recent rate hikes.  The post office fools you into thinking there is no rate hike, but all they do is keep the price of their lowest Priority Mail rates the same.  Flat Rate envelopes ($4.75) and small flat rate boxes ($4.95) are the same price, as well as local shipping below one pound, but everything else has increased by lots.  Anything more than one pound to anywhere west of the Rockies and South of Kentucky is almost $10, and don’t ask about the prices for more than two pounds.  The same thing with UPS, except add another dollar or two with “brown”.    So, for the greater penguin good, we have to scrap our very easy to digest $5.00 flat rate shipping, but it was nice while it lasted.  Our new rates will start at $4.99 and gradually increase about $1.00 for every $20 in sales reaching $9.99 for $100.  Still, pretty reasonable if we do say so ourselves.



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