Baby Penguin Makes History In Florida

The Penguin Post has learned that the first baby of the year has arrived at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, and it also happens to be the first successful penguin hatchling in the zoo’s history.

The only catch? Zookeepers don’t know yet if it’s a boy or a girl.

The as-yet-unnamed chick was born two weeks ago to parent penguins Thumbelina and Flannigan. Zoo officials say the parents are very attentive and sharing in the brooding responsibilities.

When the baby hatched, it weighed just 57 grams. It has since grown to 565 grams (or 1.2 pounds). African penguins grow to approximately two feet tall and generally weigh from 6½ to 10 pounds.

It is anticipated the new chick will remain with the parents for the time being, then be transitioned to zookeeper care to facilitate independence and learning to swim, before ultimately joining the colony on exhibit in several months. Once on exhibit, it will be easy to spot with its dark gray juvenile plumage for about a year.

New arrival still without name

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