Cookie The Ticklish Penguin Goes Viral

Unless you’ve been in an ice cave somewhere, no doubt you’ve seen Cookie The Ticklish Penguin video by now.  Funny thing is the video (not Cookie) has been lying dormant on YouTube barely getting a looksie since it went up in January of 2010.   However, the Penguin Post has learned that in the past couple of weeks the cute mid-western Little Penguin has become a YouTube viral sensation, and in the past several days it’s been getting about 1000 views a second!. If you’ve seen the video, you can see why.  This past week at a family gathering everyone from my three year old daughter to crabby Aunt Dottie was ewwwing, ahhhing and breaking into huge grins watching this cute little penguin cackle as it gets tickled.  Can penguins laugh?  Maybe not, but try telling that to the million plus people and counting who have checked out Cookie giggling away.  The video was made as part of blog that was done by a volunteer with the Cincinnati Zoo. But hardly anybody outside the zoo realized that this adorable, giggling aquatic bird existed, until BoingBoing discovered an uncut clip of the Little Penguin and posted it.  Although Cookie looks like a baby penguin, he is a Little Blue Penguin (indigenous of Australia), who are the smallest penguins in the world at less than a foot tall.  Cookie is actually a mature adult and at the zoo eight years ago. The cute, little, squeaky noises that he makes are not laughing, but part of the penguin’s normal courting behavior.  But, don’t tell that to cranky Aunt Dottie.

Little Blue Penguin


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