Penguin Place Upgrade

Either later today or tomorrow we will introduce the last of our major 2011 updates.  Including in the latest of our 3 stage, on-line penguin overhall which are a new look for our home page, easier navigation bars, a cooler looking featured penguin product slide show, a $75 Free Shipping banner, about a dozen new cool penguins, and front and center – introducing our Penguin Place Birthday Club.  Mostly the brainchild of my  7 year old daughter Sophie (who loves deals, especially on her birthday), the PPBC is easy to register for, as all you need to do is add your birthday to the “What’s Your Birthday” line when you login.  Then for the entire month of your birthday you’ll get 10% on all orders, including penguin stuff already on sale.  You’ll also get a free penguin birthday card and free penguin surprise gift on your first birthday month order.  Sounds like a good deal for just entering your birthday on the line.  Anyway, we’re hoping our new look goes up either today or tomorrow.  Enjoy and Keep Waddling.

Peace, Love and Penguin Plush is Brand Spanking New!


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