Penguin Place Up To 2000 Facebook Fans

Almost as fast an Emperor Penguin sliding on its belly down a steep and icy Antarctic slope, Penguin Place has been adding new fans (what’s not to like) to our Facebook Page, leading to today’s milestone 2000th Penguin Place FB Fan or friend or like.  Who knows what the right term is anymore?  In any case, the popularity of our Penguin FB page can’t be ignored any longer.  We’ve tried to keep things fun, posting everything from Pittsburgh Penguins hockey results, to how to help Northern Rockhopper Penguins in relation to the latest oil spill in the South Atlantic, to penguin jokes and news, to new Penguin Place products, sales and special offers from our website. It’s been fun, and just a wee bit addictive in light of the positive responses, comments and feedback from fellow penguin lovers the world over. 

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