Mr. Popper’s Penguins Trailer

As we’re only a couple of months away from the long awaited release of Mr. Popper’s Penguin, and today the Penguin Post is happy to announce we got one step closer to the premier with the release of  the international trailer for Jim Carrey’s upcoming “Mr Popper’s Penguins” comedy, which is directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls) and is set to hit theaters on June 17th. Check out the trailer .

Plot: Tom Popper (Carrey) is a New York real estate developer who tears down beloved landmarks and erects skyscrapers in their place. His one-track mind leaves him estranged from his family, including his wife (Carla Gugino), who has divorced him and moved on to a new relationship. And for years Popper has been out of contact with his “kooky” father, who leaves him with an unusual inheritance: a penguin. The bewildered Popper registers a complaint which is met with the arrival of another five birds. The penguins manage to crack Mr. Popper’s cold exterior, and soon he’s cranking up the air conditioning in his stylish apartment, rolling up the rugs and piling on extra layers of clothes to make his new guests more comfortable.

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