UK Penguin To Be Named After Royal Couple

The Penguin Post has learned that a penguin hatched on Easter Sunday and abandoned by its mother is to be named after either Kate Middleton or Prince William, in honor of the upcoming royal wedding.  The two-day-old Humboldt chick is being hand-reared by staff at London Zoo who hope the feisty bird will live up to either of its names.  It’s too early for zoo keepers to figure out whether this little penguin is a boy or a girl, so until the gender is determined the grey penguin chick,  is going to be call the gender neutral name Egg.  For the time being the future royal penguin is being fed through a syringe and kept in a incubator, suitably wrapped in a Union flag to keep it warm and prepare it for its regal future.  Staff say the baby penguin was rejected by its mother before it hatched last Sunday.  Adrian Walls, deputy team leader of birds at the zoo, said that tests would be done when the chick is 10 weeks old to find out the gender.  It will then be called Kate if it’s a girl or William if it is a boy.  Mr Walls said: “The penguin is too young to look after itself, so we are hand feeding it.  We are just waiting to find out the sex to give it a proper name and title.” Penguins are one of few animals in the wild which mate for life, so when Egg grows up he could find his own penguin prince, or princess.

Penguin Royalty

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