Penguins Shaken Up By Intruders

Penguins were left “frightened and upset” after being chased around their enclosure at a Scarborough tourist attraction. Staff at the Sea Life Center said a trespasser broke in during the early hours of 25 April. The center has also suffered a series of other less serious incidents over the past week, and North Yorkshire Police said they were examining CCTV images to try to identify those responsible. Mike Salt, general manager at the center, told the Penguin Post that at least one trespasser had chased the animals around for about 15 minutes. He said it would have been very upsetting for them: “Penguins are very susceptible to stress, they like their routine and any change can prove threatening to them. This incident would have been really frightening. “They have been clearly upset and were off their food for several days.” A similar event took place in 2008 when one penguin was stolen from the enclosure. It was later discovered alive. A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said it was examining the CCTV footage and were appealing for any witnesses to come forward. The break-in at the center has been followed by other minor incidents including the theft of timber and a break-in at a kiosk at the site.

They may not look it, but these penguins are shaken up and stressed.


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