Penguins Popular In 2nd Grade

The Penguin Post has learned that students in Miss McCavera’s second grade class at the Stratford School in Garden City N.Y. began studying penguins in earnest in January.  This work continued through the winter months. They read books about penguins, watched a documentary, wrote stories about penguins and invented their own silly version of a penguin for a creative display outside their classroom. They also created a PowerPoint Presentation with the help of their fifth-grade buddies in Mrs. Hoey’s class.

Each student was assigned a particular breed of penguin. They researched its habitat and found three important or interesting facts about it. It was a busy and exciting time spent learning about these fascinating creatures. The students and their buddies put their research information into a unique presentation with photos from the Internet, graphics and, in some cases, sound to accompany the information. The second graders also took the information and made individual non-fiction books to enhance their studies.Parents and grandparents of the second graders were invited to Stratford’s computer lab to see the final results. Everyone enjoyed sharing and seeing the wonderful work.

Even Grandparents Learned About Penguins


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