Thieves Steal From Penguin Charity Box

The Penguin Post has been made aware that three young men were arrested after a break-in at Torquay seafront’s Living Coasts center in the south of England. Police were called to the attraction at Beacon Cove after a DVD player and cash were taken from the premises overnight on Sunday. The DVD player was later recovered by officers who arrested three people, aged between 17 and 19, within 24 hours of the burglary. Detectives made the arrests after acting on information and descriptions given of the suspects, all of them living at a flats complex in Torquay. One of the suspects was still being questioned yesterday . The other two were released on police bail until May 23. The break-in was discovered by staff at 7.30am yesterday. What really stood out in this crime was the missing penguin donation collection box and DVD used for educational presentations. The donation box had been filled after the busy Easter holidays. Living Coasts spokesman Stuart Wright said he was unsure how much cash was taken. “There was a significant amount of money for penguin conservation projects around the world,” he said after the crime was discovered. He added: “The last thing you expect is someone breaking in and stealing from a penguin charity.” He said that the attraction’s penguins had been affected. “We have some incredibly endangered species and our keeping staff said that when they went in first thing, they seemed to be very spooked.” None was harmed or stolen. “We have had a thorough count and 114 individual penguins have been identified by markings on their bellies. “It has been a huge task and thankfully they all seem to be there.” He revealed that security had been stepped up in the wake of the break-in with extra patrols by guards. The offenders broke in by cutting through netting.

Thieves Pilfered the Penguin Charity Donation Box


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