R.I. Zoo Names A Pair Of Penguin Chicks

The Penguin Post has learned that a contest put on by the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island to name its two new baby penguin chicks came to a close Sunday. The new Humboldt penguin chicks were named at a ceremony Sunday. The chicks’ mom, Tweedle-Dee, hatched the babies in January and since then the zoo held a contest for kids to come up with names for the new penguins. Over 2,000 entries were submitted. “Say hello to our newest male penguin, Milo, and our new female, Sushi! Let’s hear it for Milo and Sushi!” was the roar while kids of all ages gathered around as the penguins swam. Officials at the zoo said that Milo and his sister Sushi are growing quickly and enjoying life at the zoo. “Sushi and Milo are developing very well for Humboldt penguins. Most people are surprised at their size when they’re actually out on exhibit. Theyre about the size of adults. The difference is their plumage,” said Zookeeper Anne Barilla.

Sushi & Milo Share Lunch

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