The Penguin Who Hated The Water

While penguins can’t fly, they are amazing swimmers who can gracefully glide through the water. Or at least most of them are.  Because, in far away New Zealand we’ve come across the unique  case of Morgan the Penguin, as it seems little Morgan may be the only penguin in the world who hates the water.   As told to the Penguin Post the staff at the International Antarctic Center in Christchurch say they’ve never known anything quite like Morgan, a White-Flippered Penguin who was rescued about three weeks ago.  Morgan was discovered alone, looking skinny and disoriented on the beach at Banks Peninsula.  He was quickly taken in by the Antarctic Center for a check up and rehab.  There he was given three square meals a day and attentive care.  But,  after his quick recovery all was still not quite right with Morgan, as the staff at the Antarctic Center tells us he simply refused to swim or have anything to do with water.  The staff were perplexed as they’ve never heard of a penguin who hated the water.  Morgan’s dislike of H2O was such that if placed in his tank he quickly uses his beak and flippers to quickly haul himself out.  Not only that, but he is so anti-water that Morgan also keeps flipping his water bowl upside down and standing on it.  We’ve been assured he drinks water, but other than that he wants nothing to do with the stuff.   Because of his acute aqua-phobia Morgan will not be released into the wild, and month he is due to join the main penguin encounter where it’s hoped he will mate with Parnia, a single female white-flippered penguin who like the 99.99% of penguins in the world likes water… Hopefully she’ll take to Morgan, unless she thinks he’s too odd a bird.  But, if they do hit it off we’re fairly certain there won’t be a seaside honeymoon.


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