Penguin Cards From Africa

Recently at the New York Stationary Show I was approached by a greeting card rep who noticed my Penguin themed badge, he then told me he had some great looking, very unique penguin cards that I had to see.  Intrigued, I agreed to give them a glance, but nothing could prepare me for these wonderful penguin cards.   When he told me the cards were made by African orphans (who no doubt never saw a penguin), I quickly knew that these cards were something special that Penguin Place could simply not pass up.  Not only are these cards, unique and great looking, but there’s a fabulous, touching back story behind them.  As they are made by Rwandan orphans as part of a charitable organization to help support them and their siblings. It may be a little early for Christmas, but these hand crafted cards are so wonderful we couldn’t wait to bring them into our inventory asap.

Fun Filled Holiday Card

There’s even an adorable everyday Penguin Friends Card. Our wonderful set of penguin cards was handcrafted for you by young people in Rwanda who have lost their parents. Our offering and your purchase of this creative artwork empowers them to provide education, health, food and shelter for their brothers and sisters. The company behind this card Cards From Africa practices fair trade principles, and this card uses handmade only paper recycled from local office waste.

Penguin Friends Card

Each card is 5″ x 6 1/2″, is a multi-layered work of art and is signed in the back by the young person who created it. The inside of the card is blank, but the front says it all. Each card includes a companion envelope.

Fishing You A Merry Christmas Card


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