More Procedures For Happy Feet As He Mends

The Penguin Post has just learned that the emperor penguin dubbed Happy Feet is scheduled to have another operation tomorrow. Wellington Zoo spokeswoman Kate Baker said the penguin was in a “stable” condition and it was hoped that another stomach flushing procedure at 11am tomorrow would remove more sand and debris from its stomach in helping the penguin recover. After the surgery the zoo hoped to x-ray the bird to see if further surgery was needed, Baker said.


The specially formed Penguin Advisory Committee has decided the best option would be to release the penguin in the sub-Antarctic waters of the Southern Ocean. However, the Zoo’s veterinary science manager Lisa Argilla warned that even doing this would have its risks and Happy Feet would need to be taken some distance from land. “We don’t want to have visibility of the land mass. He’s a bit of a sand eater.” Although it was difficult to estimate how long it would take before Happy Feet was well enough to be released, Argilla said it was likely he would remain at Wellington Zoo for a month. The zoo would need to ensure it could keep up the supply of party ice, and might need to get a larger air conditioning unit. Recent cold weather meant it was easier to keep his small room cooler. A webcam linked up to the dark room where the penguin is being kept showed him moving around a little and standing up on the ice. Happy Feet is not on general display at the zoo.

Happy Feet's condition has been upgraded to stable


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