Penguin Beach Towel

Our penguin beach towels couldn’t have come at a better time.  It’s Summer and the weather is letting us all know in no uncertain terms that it’s here.  Penguin Place had not had a penguin beach towel in about three years, but when it rains it pours and we added a pair of penguin beach / bath towels to our igloo at around the same time.  Unfortunately, there’s usually a catch when too much of a good thing is involved (to use another cliche), and our Penguins At Play Beach Towel quickly sold out and was unavailable for re-order.  But, fear not. Our African Penguin Beach Towel is still available and this one is my favorite anyway.  It’s better quality and by using a modern computerized manufacturing process, the design on the 100% cotton, 30″ x 60″ towel looks more like a poster than a towel (especially if you’re looking at it from a few feet away).

African Penguin Beach Towel


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