Happy Feet is a…Boy!

The Penguin Post is ready to break the news the world has been waiting for.  Happy Feet, everyone’s favorite bewildered, sand and stick eating, intrepid Emperor penguin, who took a 2,000-mile wrong turn and ended up in New Zealand last month…is a boy.   But, didn’t you just know it?   Really, even after being obviously lost for a couple of weeks and thousands of miles only a dude (person or penguin) wouldn’t ask for directions and just keep going and going and going.  So, yesterday when a Wellington Zoo official revealed that DNA tests confirmed the our suspicions, we were more relieved than surprised.

Officials still haven’t figured out how or when they’re going to transport him back to the ocean near the Antarctic. In the meantime, he’s getting fat and feisty at the zoo. Now that his belly has been cleared of all the sand and sticks he ate on the beach, he’s feasting on more than 4 pounds of salmon every day, thanks to public donations.  Happy Feet has gained 6 pounds since he was rescued. And he’s getting feisty. “When the vet grabs him for medication … he’s fighting a lot more.  He’s really looking good,” said zoo spokeswoman Kate Baker.

Happy Feet chilling in his refridgeated New Zealand penguin motel.

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