Happy Feet a Big Draw For Zoo

The Penguin Post has learned that celebrity penguin Happy Feet has been pulling in big crowds at the Wellington Zoo with visitor numbers up by nearly half as compared to years past.  Everyone’s favorite lost emperor penguin gained worldwide fame after he was discovered on Peka Peka Beach five weeks ago, and after eating sand and sticks for about a week he was operated on and is now being kept in a 2 degrees Celsius air-conditioned room full of party ice at the zoo’s hospital. “We had a big day yesterday with around 1600 people coming through,” Wellington Zoo spokeswoman Kate Baker said. Usual visitor numbers for the same period were about 1100. “I think that boost could be attributed to him.” She added. Yesterday was the biggest day of the busy school holiday period and the first day Happy Feet could be seen by the public. “We’ve made it clear throughout that we can’t promise people they’ll see Happy Feet. He’s here for treatment and rehab. But yesterday he had some procedures done so people were able to see him.” The Conservation Department is planning to return him to the sea next month from a boat off the Bluff coast. Happy Feet is the first known emperor penguin to swim the more than 3000 kilometres to New Zealand from Antarctica in 44 years. But, until then he’ll be strutting his stuff for his public.

The penguin the public wants to see.

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