Hot Penguins Give Snow The Cold Shoulder

The Penguin Post has learned that a group of adorable U.K. residing penguins left sweltering in the recent mini-heatwave received a staggering eight tons of snow to cool off – but have refused to have anything to do with it. Staff at the Sea Life Center in Scarborough, England took the precaution as temperatures began to soar towards 9o degrees in North Yorkshire – with forecasters predicting more sun for the rest of the week. They ordered masses of the white stuff from an indoor ski centre 70 miles away, but their efforts have so far been in vain, as the penguins seem wary and confused of the sudden appearance of snow in the middle of a U.K. Summer heatwave.

The snow arrived just as the sun began to beat down today – but the fussy Humboldt birds turned their beaks up at it. Staff now face a race against time to convince the waddling, cold weather birds to cool themselves off before it melts in a few days’ time. Sam I’Anson, marketing co-ordinator for the centre, said the animals were generally suspicious of any changes in their normal routine. She said: ‘They were a bit wary of the snow and none of them wanted to touch it. They have seen snow before because we had a lot last winter and also the winter before, but they are very suspicious of change, and don’t seem to like it at the moment. ‘We sprinkled it around most of their enclosure but they all huddled together away from it. We are hopeful they will get used to it soon. Before it melts. ‘They come from Chile, but have spent almost all their lives here with us where it is obviously quite rare for the weather to be so hot, so they are not used to it. The snow will help cool them down. ‘Everyone loves the penguins and they really are one of our most popular attractions.’ Sam added that the cuddly creatures were still recovering after intruders broke into their enclosure in May, which may have made them unusually scared of the snow. The snow was transported in coolers across to the coast from SNO!zone indoor ski center. Emma Darvill, from the center, said: ‘It’s not every day that we get a request like this to deliver snow to a penguin exhibit, but we were only too happy to help. We were able to transport it in specially cooled containers. ‘The snow should last for at least a couple of days giving the penguins a place where they can really chill out.’  That is, if they choose to.

One of the Scarborough Sealife Center penguins makes a tentative foray into the snow


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