Aussie Island Penguins On The Verge

The Penguin Post has learned that a recent census of the islands Little Blue Penguins have conservationists and penguin lovers worried that the penguin colony there is on the verge of extinction.  The count found just over 100 penguins left on the tiny island off the coast of Victor Harbor, south of Adelaide, Australia. It is 30 per cent fewer penguins than the year before and compares with about 1,600 recorded at the popular tourist destination a decade ago. Local conservationist Natalie Gilbert says that at the present rate there could be no penguins in the area by 2020 if the trend persists. “That’s why we’re putting so much effort now into trying to find out if there’s a way to make them feel safer and make it more appealing for them and give them a better environment and work out what exactly is the main issues,” she said. Volunteers have been putting these nest boxes on the south-western part of Granite Island where penguins were common in the past. Hopefully, these efforts can reverse the trend and bring back the penguin numbers.

Some of the dwindling Little Blue Penguin population of Granite Island.


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