Is Irish Penguin Lonely or Lazy?

The Penguin Post has been made aware of a video of a lonely, or lazy penguin at Fota Wildlife Park in Cork.  Depending on if you’re a glass half lonely or half lazy kind of person.  The video of the unresponsive penguin has become a recent internet sensation, garnering over 70,000 YouTube hits.  The clip taken by blogger Sean McEntee shows feeding time at the park, when all the penguins scramble towards a golf buggy bringing their dinner except for one, which stands alone and- if it isn’t just our imagination – looks forlorn. But, really what is going through this penguins mind?  Only he (she) knows for sure.  Fota Wildlife Park tweeted earlier today “One of our penguins has become a YouTube sensation”. The clip has also been picked up by the website I Can Haz Cheezburger (who dubbed in some soft, slow piano music for extra effect). But perhaps we shouldn’t feel too sorry for the little fella. Sean McEntee wrote on his blog: “People have speculated as to why the penguin didn’t move when the rest did […] The lone penguin is standing in the area where the penguins get fed, so he was probably just smart and very experienced. “Why move when I know the food is going to come to me?”  Obviously, Sean is in the lazy camp.

Lazy, lonely or....perhaps just not hungry.

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