Penguin Poetry Contest

Celebrity penguin Happy Feet is bringing out the poetic streak in local Wellington, New Zealand kids, and the Penguin Post has learned that the The Dominion Post and Wellington Zoo are offering an exclusive chance for two readers to get up close and personal with Happy Feet before he leaves for the subantarctic on August 29.

To win, penguin fans must write and send us a poem about Happy Feet.

The meet Happy Feet competition closes this Thursday August 25 and we’ve had dozens of great entries already – from short and sweet haiku and rhyming tweets, to lamenting limericks and epic prose.

Here’s some of the entries so far:

His name is Happy Feet
On the way from Antarctica
All he had to eat
Was sticks and sand.

He’s got a saltwater pool
To keep him nice and cool
He was found on the Kapiti Coast
And he would rather eat fish than toast
He’s Happy Feet!!!

 – Ruby Mackle, age 11

Happy Feet, you are so neat, we don’t mind paying for you to eat!
Wellington all loved that Arctic chill, but for you, Happy Feet, it was the same ol’ drill.
We hope you liked your stay here, so when you go, please take care.
You have to remember not to eat sand, ’cause if you eat too much, you mightn’t stand!
Now go straight home and don’t talk to strangers everyone knows the worlds full of dangers!!
you Happy Feet!!

– Aliscia Sammons, age 15

Penguins know life
More than we ever will.
They swim and play,
Without remorse,
Without searching for answers,
Without dislocation from it all.
Penguins know more than
We will ever know.

– Abe Foster, age 21


An inspirered poem will get you some face time with this penguin


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