Adult Penguin Costume

It was penguin weather this morning and I guess you get what you ask for.  Yesterday afternoon at the Bridge Street School pickup it was in the mid 80’s, and people as they love to talk about the weather were asking where the Autumn weather was hiding.  Well, welcome to New England, as this morning it was in the low 40’s, and as we were all sleeping with the windows open it was pretty much in the 40’s inside our home when I woke up.   So, with my kids asleep and the house freezing I decided to have a little penguin fun.  So, after I closed the windows, I tippy toed past the kids room to my office and put on my penguin costume.  Now, sufficiently insulated I  headed downstairs and started rattling the pots and pans while fixing breakfast.  It didn’t take long for the kids to wake up and start their stampede down the stairs screaming “dad it’s freezing in here!”  I didn’t answer.  “Dad!  It’s so cold!”  Then as they hit the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner to find a giant penguin in the kitchen cooking breakfast.  Laughter, hugs, smiles and a bit of a penguin pounding ( by an 8 and 4 year old) ensued.  Good morning my little chicks.

That's not me, but that is the costume I was wearing this morning.


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