Penguin Gifts, Toys and Fun

Well, it’s that time of the year again for Penguin Place.  About a month after the biggie N.Y. Gift Show the flow of our new penguin items that the UPS (lady) and Fed Ex (man) go from a trickle to Hurricane Irene.  Monday there were 10 boxes left at the bottom of my stairs (8 were penguin Halloween costumes), Tuesday 6, Wednesday 5 and yesterday 9 boxes of penguin goodies.  Figure on average each box has 2 or three different penguin plush, toys, figurines, books, jewelry, etc for me to carry up four flights of stairs, unpack, fold, inventory, put on the shelves, scan, take pictures, photoshop, write copy and add to the website.  So you want to have your own penguin store?  Just off the top of my head this week alone we’ve added penguin baby booties, plush, fancy schmancy embroidered pillows and dish towels, pencil sharpeners, kids slippers, five different types of penguin bags from Bungalow 360, a pewter picture frame, a table lamp, an oven mitt, baby bib, penguin spreader set and a penguin rescue helicopter toy, with more on the way.

Penguin Clutch Bag from Bungalow 360


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