Bald Penguin Back In The Fold

This is the "before" picture of the bald penguin chick

A new born Emperor penguin chick faced a potentially catastrophic future when his parents cast him out after he was born without hair. The chick suffered from a rare condition that left him completely bald at birth.  Fortunately for the penguin, the chick was born in an aquarium and not in the wild where it would have certainly perished. As told to the Penguin Post, Wang Dan — who works at the aquarium in Dalian, China, where the penguin lives — said: “In the beginning we tried to send him back to his parents, hoping they would still take care of him and help him grow stronger, but they neglected him and even kicked him out.” Keepers then set up a round-the-clock watch and hand-fed the animal for a month until he grew stronger. He also eventually grew hair — and now looking like an adorable Emperor chick, so of course his fickle family accepted him back into the fold.

Here's the "after" picture after he grew a cute penguin chick fur coat.


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