Penguin Ice Bucket

When my new Boston Warehouse Holiday Season catalog arrived yesterday there on page 5 among the other other cool penguin items BW has to offer was the wonderful penguin ice bucket.  Although my rep Nila had told me the ice bucket had been discontinued and no longer available there it was.  So, naturally I called hoping that perhaps the appearance in the catalog meant the ice bucket had been given a reprieve and was back in stock.  Alas, it was only wishful thinking as Nila explained to me this ice bucket had indeed been discontinued, but, and the big but was that some customers may have opted out of their original ice bucket orders and a few (anywhere between a couple and a dozen) might be up for grabs.  I told Nila I’ll take as many as she could rustle up for me, and she promised to call me back with an penguin ice bucket count within the hour.  45 minutes later Penguin Place had 7 Boston Warehouse Ice Buckets on the way, but she assured me these are the last of their kind.  So, folks if it’s a Penguin Ice Bucket you need the time to act is now.

That's one cool ice bucket


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