Penguin Patrol

Not that I have time to play some silly game on my phone, but if I did play one it would probably be Penguin Patrol.  Penguin Place has been informed by Grab Games LLC and Intrinsic Games LLC that they have launched Penguin Patrol, a charming and challenging puzzle game on the App Store where players must rescue everyone’s favorite flightless birds from the vile clutches of the evil (but oddly stylish) Walrus!  In Penguin Patrol, players must carefully navigate the different kinds of terrain through over 50 levels of the Antarctic wilderness in order to successfully rescue the penguins and bring them to safety. With each step taken, the ice beneath breaks so players are literally walking on thin ice. The ground (or lack of) isn’t the only challenge faced by players, though-the penguins themselves can be temperamental, and each type has their own unique personality traits. Players will have to wrangle the overly-excited Playful Penguin who runs away as it is approached, push the Fatty Penguin to safety, or figure out how to entice the stubborn Bratty Penguin to get on board! One to three stars are awarded based upon your performance on each level. Created and developed by Intrinsic Games, Penguin Patrol features Game Center and Retina Display support. Penguin Patrol is $0.99 and is available now through the App Store. For more information, including screenshots and video, please visit

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