Missing Penguin Reappears After Five Years?

The Penguin Post has learned that a penguin who disappeared five years ago in the from the Isles of Wight in the U.K. may have made a unlikely reappearance.   Now, a rare Jackass penguin spotted swimming in The Solent has raised hopes that Toga the penguin, who was stolen from Amazon World, Newchurch, in 2005 could be alive and well. An eagle-eyed holiday maker shot film of what looks like a Jackass penguin swimming just yards off a beach at Portsmouth.
The rare bird, which is normally seen in South Africa, was also spotted waddling around the harbour during last weekend’s heatwave. Experts are studying the footage to see if is an endangered Jackass. One theory is that it was separated from its group and followed a food trail through the Atlantic to The Solent. But another theory is it could be the missing Toga, which was taken from Amazon World on the Isles of Wight when it was just three months old, in December, 2005.
At the time, it was feared Toga could not survive for long once separated from its parents.
But Amazon World’s head keeper, Rachel Patrick, told the County Press this week Toga could still be alive. She said: “It could be him. He was very young and brought up by his parents but I think there is a slender chance it could be him.” In 2005, rewards totalling more than £10,000 were offered for the safe return of Toga.  Who knows, maybe now Toga can collect the reward for himself.


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