Penguin Anarchy In The U.K.

In the latest wild and crazy wayward penguin thousands of miles from home news,  the Penguin Post has learned that day trippers on Southsea beach near Portsmouth in the U.K. were astonished to see what appeared to be a penguin frolicking in the shallows. The British Sun newspaper even published grainy footage of a black and white seabird diving in and out of the waves on Sunday.  As the south coast enjoyed record high October temperatures there were plenty of locals to witness the strange sight of a penguin in the U.K.  Witnesses claim that the penguin was said to have been also seen waddling around the harbor to the shock, delight and surprise of onlookers.  The newspaper suggested that it could be a lost jackass (African) penguin, whose natural habitat is usually 6,000 miles away in South Africa.  The claim of this latest rare sighting of a penguin thousands of miles from home has come only a few months after an Antarctic Emperor Penguin nicknamed “Happy Feet” caused a global sensation when it turned up in New Zealand.  Joanne Gordon, 35, of Aldershot, who shot the footage, told the paper:  “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it swimming around away just six foot from me.”  Hopefully, this penguin won’t be dining on beach sand like his cousin from New Zealand did over the Summer.  But, only time will tell.

The penguin spotted near Portsouth is reported to be an African Penguin


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