Penguin Costume Sale

The internet can be lots of things, but one thing it is these days is quick to react to the basic market forces of supply and demand.  So, with penguins being the bird of choice this 2011 with Mr. Poppers Penguins, Happy Feet 2, Club Penguin and The Penguins Of Madagascar taking center stage lots of on-line retailers ordered lots of penguin costumes.  This adds to supply and although demand for the adorable Rasta Imposta lightweight penguin costumes is there, retailers have already begun slashing their penguin prices.  What started out as a very nice adult penguin costume for $37.95 , became $35.95, and so it went as some outlets made theirs $32.95, so someone else cut their price to $29.95, and you can take the free fall lesson in penguin macro economics from there. With one on-line retailer after another trying to top the other guy the price of a penguin costume is dropping faster than the Dow Jones, so when I did a google search for penguin costumes this morning I found some at $27.95.   So, with a couple of weeks left before Halloween I decided that some powerful penguin market forces were at work here and simply to match it.  Plus, at Penguin Place you can get another 10% (which makes our penguin costumes cheaper than just about everyone else ) by using the coupon code penguinpals10 in the checkout box, and our shipping on all costumes is under $6.00 anywhere in the U.S.A.   We’re getting orders out same day so even if you have a costume party next weekend in Hawaii there’s still time.  So, let this be a lesson to all those jumping on the penguin bandwagon e-tailers out there.  Too much of a penguin good thing, can simple be too much of a penguin good thing.

Adult Penguin Costumes Now $26.95 while supplies last


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