True Story Of A Juvenile Penguin Heist.

The following is a hilarious e-mail I received from a customer this morning by the Penguin Post.

This is a true story – it happened to a friend of a friend!  A first grade class here locally (we are directly across the river from Louisville, KY) went to the Newport Aquarium.  One Mom signed up too late to reserve a spot on the bus, so she drove behind the bus carrying the children.  On the trip home (about a 2 hour drive) she got a call from one of the teachers on the bus asking if she had her son with her?  The mother did not – she was in a panic!  She calls the aquarium from her cell, sure enough, her little boy is in the office.  She turns around to go get him.  When she gets there, the child is wet.  The mother realizes that obviously it scared him so badly to realize he was left behind and lost that he wet his pants – he’s only six.  She gets him in the car, and he is so embarrassed that he clutches his backpack in his lap and doesn’t say a word on the ride home.  This kid is obviously traumatized!  They get home, and he just want to go to his room.  She tells him to go ahead upstairs, take off his wet clothes and get a bath.  She goes up a few minutes later to check on him, he is sitting on his bed in his wet clothes.  She is starting to really worry and fear that something traumatic happened to this kid.  She tells him he needs a bath and he refuses.  Again, her worry mounts.  She finally tells him that he needs to get in there and get a bath!  He refuses – so she goes in to start the water.  Much to her surprise, what does she find in the bathtub???  A baby penguin!!!!  This kid slipped behind the glass at the aquarium and stole a baby penguin!  It was in his backpack – that is why he was wet and why he held on to the backpack for dear life on the way home!!!!  She calls the aquarium and tells them.  They THREATEN to sue her for stealing a penguin!!!  She tells them that she is calling so that they can have an employee wait for her because she is bringing this thing right  back!

Long story short, she gets it back and does not get sued, but I just found that hilarious!  A friend of mine is a first grade teacher and this happened to a kid in her friend’s first grade class!  How is THAT for a penguin story!!  AND it’s true!

Eric, you are aces – thanks for making me laugh so hard this morning!!!!



2 Responses to “True Story Of A Juvenile Penguin Heist.”

  1. PR Guy - Newport Aquarium Says:

    I was starting to worry. I hadn’t heard or seen this ridiculous tall tale in a few months. Usually we get a call or email about it every few weeks. “Slipped behind the glass.” Brilliant.

  2. Eric Bennett Says:

    It sounded a bit “fishy” to me, but it’s a fun story so what the heck.

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