Penguin Socks Go Up In Smoke

When I phoned the For Bare Feet Offices yesterday to place my holiday penguin socks order little did I know I would be in for a shock, as I was quickly informed that a fire had destroyed the factory, knitting machines and (I can hardly even write this)  inventory at their sprawling Helmsburg, Ohio factory Saturday afternoon.  Everything? I asked.  “Everything, not a sock is left”.  Came the matter of fact reply.

Our Fun Penguin Ankle Sock is one of the 8 penguin socks we get from For Bare Feet.

The fire caused the roof to collapse on the roughly 10,000-square-foot production room, where an estimated 75 to 100 knitting machines were housed, as well as their inventory of thousands of pairs of socks, including their entire inventory of penguin socks.  Penguin Place receives about half of our penguin sock inventory from For Bare Feet including our Black, Facts Of, Chilling,Fun, Polka Dot, On Ice (adult & kids), Bubble (adult & kids) and March of The Penguins socks.  According to a For Bare Feet Spokesperson the factory will not be up and running again until early 2012, so with that our penguin socks are now in limited supply territory for the holiday season.

The sprawling For Bare Feet factory on fire. Is that penguin socks I smell burning?

In case you were wondering the fire likely started with an air compressor that helps to fuel the knit machines near the back of the building, said Jackson Township Fire Chief Glenn Elmore.  Nearly 100 firefighters from 12 other stations responded, but although no penguin socks could be saved, no one was injured.


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