NZ Penguins Move Into Their New Home

The Penguin Post has learned that the first Rena-refugee penguins in New Zealand are being moved into their flashy new digs but their new accommodation has had to be protected by stoat, rat and cat traps. Over 300 Little Blue Penguins are in care at the Rena Oiled Wildlife Recovery centre and new pens have just come on-line that will house the birds long-term while their environment is cleared of oil. The pens feature a shallow pool with ramps and two large standing spaces that can be alternately sectioned off for cleaning. The first birds were moved into the pens yesterday though wildlife specialist Danielle Sijbranda was also stationed inside the enclosure to help out if anything went wrong. “We get the occasional dumb penguin that has to be pushed towards the ramp (out of the water),” said center manager Brett Gartrell. Gartrell said the penguins were robust little birds that quickly became used to having humans around. Eventually the penguins would live in the enclosure day and night. With access to the water, rather than the half-hour daily swim they were getting at the moment, they would re-waterproof themselves much faster, Gartrell said.

Little Blue Penguins Waddle In To Their Temporary New Digs.

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