Go West Young Penguin

The Penguin Post has learned that just in time for winter, six rescued penguins are waddling into the San Francisco Zoo. Three years ago in Brazil nearly 400 Magellanic penguins searching for food became stranded on the beaches hundreds of miles north of their normal feeding grounds. Over the years commercial fishing, combined with oil pollution and climate change have all made it hard for the Magellanics to find food in their usual feeding grounds.  Most of the stranded penguins were returned to the sea, but many ended up at zoo’s and aquariums, and six penguins deemed too weak to survive in the wild on their own were donated from to the Monterey Bay Aquarium who in turn have now donated them to the San Francisco Zoo, bringing its total number at the zoo to 51.  The new penguins will waddle into public view for the first time at 9:30 a.m. Thursday at the zoo’s Penguin Island.

Hanging out with a friend on Penguin Island


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