Run Penguin Run

The Penguin Post has learned that a Midlands, South Carolina man ran the Governor’s Cup Road Race–in a penguin costume. Spectators and participants at the contest were shocked to the a penguin run by them Saturday Morning. The man in the costume’s name–Dean Shuster. “I am going to beat as many runners as I can today and I am starting in last place,” said Schuster. So why do this? Schuster ran in the costume to raise money so that he could participate in a marathon in Antarctica. He has teamed up with the Riverbanks Zoo and Oceanites to raise money for penguin conservation. “They work with penguins and they are doing on the ground real world penguin conservation. That’s why Riverbanks Zoo is interested in the project because the Riverbanks Zoo exists to foster conservation of wildlife,” said Schuster. “I love conservation and I think we should all care for the natural world.” He hopes his happy feet – will also inspire others to preserve their own health. “If I can get up and run a half marathon in this penguin suit you can get up and take a walk and devote yourself to fitness as well.” It’s a devotion he hopes will march him to the other side of the globe. Sponsors donated money for every runner he beat. He finished in 187th place and beat over 500 runners.

Dean Shuster running in his penguin costume.



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