Penguin Christmas Ornaments

Obviously every year Penguin Place brings in a bunch of new Christmas ornaments, and this year is no different.  Unfortunately, with one of our main suppliers (Russ Berrie) going Chapter 11, this years ornament inventory is about half of what it should have / could have been.  But, in we did come across a supply of about a dozen of one of our all-time penguin favorite ornaments, the legendary Santa Penguin riding a motorcycle ornament.  About four inches long and hand painted on solid resin,  I’ve always had a soft spot for this guy because he’s simply so much fun and silly.  I like penguins doing odd things.  Obviously, the person who designed him does too and had a thing for Harley’s and a thing for penguins. Unfortunately, with this ornament it appears either  you “get it” or you don’t, which is why they were never the big sellers I thought they’d be and after five years there are still about a dozen or so left in our inventory.  So, if you do get it, then you should get it, because when these Harley riding Santa penguins are gone, they’ll have rode into the Antarctic sunset for good.

The Antarctic Biker


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3 Responses to “Penguin Christmas Ornaments”

  1. Rhonda Terpstra Says:

    is this ornament still available for purchase?

  2. Eric Bennett Says:

    Sorry to say this ornament is no longer available.

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