The Saga Of The Bromance Penguins

The  Penguin Post has learned that recent worldwide outcries against Toronto Zoo’s decision to separate two African penguins, (Buddy and Pedro), have prompted the zoo to agree to put the penguin bromance couple back together after they have mated. Buddy and Pedro formed “a close bond while part of a ‘bachelor flock’ at Pittsburgh’s National Aviary,” and they remained close friends after their transfer to Toronto Zoo. They were dubbed the “gay penguins” because they began to display “courtship and mating behavior towards each other,” though zoo keepers have indicated that their relationship was “not necessarily sexual.” Joe Torzsok, chair of the Toronto Zoo’s board, indicated that “It’s a complicated issue, but they seem to be in a loving relationship of some sort.” Ya, maybe because they were moved to Toronto and had to stick together? You know…bro’s before-penguin-well you know. The zoo’s decision to separate the penguins is justified as they are trying to ensure the survival of the endangered animal, but still—national outcries against the separation have produced some hilarious commentary. Tom Mason, the curator of invertebrates and birds at Toronto Zoo, defends the decision to separate the pair by saying that the zoo must encourage mating because the African Penguin is on the edge of extinction. According to the Toronto Star although many people are poking fun at the zoo, all humor aside, others are still very critical of the decision. “It has been called unfair and heart-breaking. Others still are accusing the zoo of attempting to force the penguins into the “patriarchal sex-trade industry.” “If [Pedro and Buddy] weren’t genetically important, then we’d let them do their thing,” Mason said. So, as it stands now, they’ll get to do “their thing” and soon as they do that other “thing”.

Buddy and Pedro


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