Another Kind Of Penguin Place

Our version of Penguin Place is on-line although we do actually exist as tangible entities, we are and have been for the last dozen years as a virtual business.  But, there is a Penguin Place that exists in the “real” world and they have real penguins ta boot.  Of course I’m taking about Penguin Placein New Zealand. This Penguin Place is a private nature reserve in Dunedin, that is dedicated to help protect the endangered Yellow-Eyed Penguin. Their project is funded by donations and by giving guided tours of the reserve so people can see these elusive penguins in their own natural environment. There is also an on-site rehab center to help sick or injured penguins. The Yellow Eyed penguin may be the most endangered penguin in the world with only about 700 individuals left in mainland New Zealand.

Yellow Eyed Penguin

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3 Responses to “Another Kind Of Penguin Place”

  1. Barbara McLean Says:

    Thanks for all the help you do in keeping these little ones safer. It’s a big sea out there and they need all the help they can get…

  2. DJ Geribo Says:

    My husband and I have an online business where we give 25% of our profits to wildlife conservation and habitat preservation organizations. I am an artist and paint wildlife eyes (and we have them reproduced on various items). My focus has become endangered wildlife and I am looking for a penguin to add to my next collection – looks like it might be the Yellow-Eyed Penguin. Or would you suggest another?

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