Penguin Socks

How many different penguin socks styles are too many penguin socks?  That’s a question that may never be answered, but as of this afternoon our count at Penguin Place is 20. Yes, 20 different styles of penguin socks! Even so with all these different penguin sock styles today was a kind of sad day here in our igloo, as this morning our last pair of purple skating penguin socks waddled out the door.  Alas, after many years of loyal service they have been discontinued by the manufacturer, or retired as they now say in the wonderful world of retail.  So, to make up for this loss we ordered two new penguin sock styles which we think the penguin loving public will love.  Our Penguins On Gray socks which are at once fun and elegant, and the same can be said for our classy Emperor Penguins socks.  Both are from Wheel House Designs in Vermont and being that Vermont is only about 25 miles up the road from us I think it’s safe to say that they’re made in the good old U.S. of A.


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