Attempted Robbery With A Penguin

The Penguin Post has learned that an Arizona woman has been charged with attempted robbery after trying to rob a gas station by threatening the store clerk with a toy penguin she claimed was a bomb. According to a statement released by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, the woman entered a gas station in northern Arizona Wednesday evening and demanded cash — claiming she had a ( penguin) bomb in the hand she had hidden under her sweater. The woman left the store after the clerk repeatedly refused to hand over any money, saying the cash register was empty because the gas station was about to close, according to Sheriff’s Office spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn. The clerk then reported the license plate of the getaway car, a Chrysler Pacifica, to police. The car was registered to Andri Lynn Jeffers, 26, who was identified as the suspect from the store’s video security footage and the clerk’s description. Jeffers, who confessed to her involvement in the attempted robbery, confirmed she was holding a toy penguin under her shirt instead of a bomb. She is facing one charge of attempted robbery. No word on the whereabouts of the penguin accomplice.

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