Gay Chinese Penguins Adopt

First came Roy and Silo and their children’s book,  And Tango Makes Three. Then Buddy and Pedro made headlines as a “gay” penguin couple ( though the term doesn’t normally apply to animals) that was being separated by the Toronto Zoo. Now meet China’s same-sex penguin pair, 0310 and 067 — or as press likes to call them, Adam and Steve.

Adam and Steve have a pretty lush life at Harbin Polar Land in northern China. While zookeepers at the Toronto Zoo were quick to separate Buddy and Pedro for mating purposes, the Penguin Post has learned that keepers at Harbin Polar Land have embraced their eccentric penguins by not only giving them a same-sex wedding ceremony, but also providing them with their very own baby chick to care for. Adam and Steve had a history of stealing eggs from more-traditional couples during hatching season. So when keepers noticed a mother of recently hatched twins struggling with her parenting duties, they decided to give Adam and Steve the baby they were looking for. While it might seem, well, different for a penguin chick to have two male parents, in fact, all penguins are known to have natural instincts for parenting, as males and females equally share in the responsibility to incubate and care for their chicks, before and after they’re born. For this reason, keepers at Harbin Polar Land are confident that Adam and Steve’s chick will grow up to be just like its penguin peers.


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  1. Gay Penguins Finally Get An Egg « Penguin Place Post Says:

    […] of male penguins has been given an egg to look after. Last year in China two male penguins called Adam and Steve were given a young chick to care for because its mother was struggling to juggle caring for three […]

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