Searching For Happy Feet

The Penguin Post has learned that a wealthy New Zealand philanthropist wants to find Happy Feet, the lost emperor penguin that gained worldwide stardom after he washed up on a New Zealand beach thousands of miles from his Antarctic home. After being nursed back to health, Happy Feet caught a ride home on a research ship, where in a very public media event he was released, complete with an electronic tracker that allowed people to follow his progress on the internet. That signal died only a short time later, prompting many to fear Happy Feet had met with an unfortunate end. In an interview with the New Zealand Herald Gareth Morgan – who paid for the transmitter – said he believed the popular penguin may have simply swum out of range and he plans to mount a mission to find him. This theory matches that of tracking company Sirtrack who said in September that the rumors of Happy Feet’s death were greatly exaggerated and that it was likely his tracking device had simply fallen off. Mr Morgan, a former economist known in his native New Zealand as an author and philanthropist, will join 12 scientists on a 30-day voyage to Antarctica early next year to raise awareness of the importance of the region, and as an “add-on” to the trip will try to prove the wayward bird is alive. “He’s got a radio-chip embedded in him so in theory, we could come across a colony of penguins and go out with a radio transmitter trying to find him,” he said. Let’s keep our flippers crossed that that’s the case.

Happy Feet moments before his release.




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