Another Penguin Bites The Dust

It’s the RIP time of the year for many a beloved penguin goodie here at Penguin Place, with the last of discontinued penguin items waddling out the door.  In the past 10 days alone we’ve lost penguin oven mitts, hair scrunchie, kids sunglasses, cool knit pilot hats, reversible totes, Puffsicle plush, penguin bowling game, 3-D luggage tags, bathtub buddy, Wildkin backpack, 4 port USB hub, black penguin socks,  penguin toilet handles, kids books, earrings, two piece loungewear sets, cufflinks and penguin chicks garden flags.  This is just in the past week, so if there’s a penguin you’re thinking about and it’s in stock act now for tomorrow may be too late. Some may be back in 2012, but most are gone for good.  RIPP (Rest In Peace Penguins).

Our very popular Penguin Oven Mitt. Gone but not forgotten and hopefully back in 2012.

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