Little Big Penguin Makes A Racket Down Under

It has come to the attention of the Penguin Post that a  certain loud penguin that came under the wing of Picton, New Zealand noise control has been released back into the neighborhood. The N.Z. Department of Conservation took the little blue penguin – named Big Bill – to Picton’s Eco World Aquarium about four weeks ago after he made a nuisance of himself under a Picton house. Big Bill had been moulting and making a racket under the house, aquarium director John Reuhman said. He had seen a few penguins at 1.1kg and 1.2kg, but Big Bill weighed in at 1.3kg. “He’s the biggest one we’ve ever had,” he said. “He was particularly assertive.” The center has released seven blue penguins in the past four weeks, and still has two in captivity. The public are able to view them when they are put into a fish tank twice a day (11am and 2pm) for swimming practice and can organize with staff to see them in the sanctuary at the aquarium. The last two were proving a bit challenging, as they had not picked up swimming skills, but he wondered if they had been intimidated by Big Bill in the tank. Most of the penguins the center has looked after were females who were abandoned as chicks in the nest before they were strong enough to fend for themselves. One of the penguins that was released last week, Marlene, has been spotted around the Picton foreshore this week, and he thought she might be nesting in rocks nearby.

Big Bill looking big


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2 Responses to “Little Big Penguin Makes A Racket Down Under”

  1. Margaret Hester Says:

    for goodness sakes. my grandmother had penguins living under her house for scores of years. never once did she or anything become bothered by this, neither did anyone visiting. i loved the sounds of the penguins – who we were told were arguing over fish! 😀

    move if you don’t care for it. leave the birds alone. if my elderly nan and her hoard of cats weren’t bothered, who could possibly be? the thing about living near a beach is being near a beach. beaches come with wildlife. if a leopard seal turns up and take the leg off a toddler, THEN you have a bit of an intervention situation. little teeny penguin with a voice. good gravy.

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